Water Related Events and Meetings Across Connecticut

Rivers Alliance of CT recently re-built our water-related events listings after a transition to a new website hosting provider. The new listings of events includes everything we listed on the old websites, but in what we hope is more useful format.  Here are our lists of events:

State Water Planning Meetings and Comment Opportunties

Get Wet Connecticut! (working title)

Paddle Events Across Connecticut

CFPA Trails Day Event Registration Open
Apr 1 all-day
CFPA Trails Day Event Registration Open

Registration for Trails Day (June 1 or 2, 2019) Events Is Now Open!

Lead a Trails Day event this year. It’s a great feeling to take neighbors and friends on your favorite hike, PADDLE or bike ride. We’ll post your event with a description on CFPA’s interactive site and help you with promotional ideas. For registration guidelines, click HERE.

There were 11 paddle events in 2018.


  • Booklet Event Summary – Limited to 200 characters. Just the facts! Text will appear in CFPA’s Trails Day booklet only. Must have been submitted before 3/15/18.
  • Full Event Description – Unlimited text but be concise. Content will appear in CFPA’s Trails Day online posting only. Must be submitted before 5/15/18.

To register an event, click HERE.

Easy 2019 Leader Registration
Were you a 2018 leader? Don’t miss an email that was sent on January 1st from info@ CFPA. It will allow you to reactivate your 2018 leader account.

2018 Photo Gallery

Click HERE to see our gallery of photos from Trails Day 2018. See how many ways there are to lead an event! Join in the fun this June.

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