CT Water Trails

Paddle and protect.

Rivers Alliance of Connecticut’s Connecticut Water Trails website promotes the use and appreciation of our state’s recreational waterways through collaborating with existing local and regional groups, publicizing existing trails, helping in the development of new trails, promoting responsible stewardship of our waterways, fostering connections to communities, and advocating boating safety.


To promote the use and appreciation of Connecticut’s recreational waterways through:

  • Collaborating with existing local and regional groups such as river and watershed groups, businesses and outfitters, Connecticut DEEP, regional agencies, towns and cities, clubs, and interested individuals.
  • Publicizing existing trails by providing a center for current guidebooks, maps, and other relevant information as well as providing statewide website information.
  • Helping in the development of new trails by arranging for assistance from local, state, and national agencies and private organizations.
  • Promoting responsible stewardship of our waterways by providing conferences and educational materials and supporting activity days and events.
  • Fostering connections to communities by demonstrating that healthy waterways provide economic value to towns, cities, and local businesses.
  • Advocating boating safety by supporting safety initiatives and disseminating safety information and materials.