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We are Connecticut's united voice for river conservation.


  • Clean water for future generations

    We must ensure enough clean water to meet the future needs of wildlife, people, and a growing economy.

  • Clean rivers that support a growing economy

    The rivers, streams and wetlands of Connecticut must provide ecological services critical to our health, safety and economy.

  • Healthy rivers for healthy communities

    Every river in Connecticut should be an asset to the communities through which it flows.


  • Promoting sound, science-based, environmental policies.

    We’re encouraging state laws, regulations, and programs that support and improve water allocation, watershed planning, and river protection.

  • Protecting Stream Flow

    To keep water in rivers, we’re advocating for better water allocation policies and compliance with the state’s existing Stream Flow Standards and Regulations.

  • Restoring Water Quality

    Approximately 24% of the state’s wadeable streams fail to meet water quality standards. We’re working with our members and partner organizations to restore water quality through better permitting and enforcement of stormwater regulations.

  • Championing Investment in the Environment

    We’re working for state investment in greener water infrastructure and other programs that improve and restore rivers.

  • Forging Diverse Partnerships

    We’re working with our members, other environmental groups, and partners in government, industry, and academia to achieve our goals.

  • Educating the Public

    We conduct educational programs and provide resources to the public to improve understanding and appreciation for our water resources and facilitate waterway preservation and restoration.