About Us

The mission of Rivers Alliance of Connecticut is to protect and restore our state’s invaluable and imperiled waters.

Rivers Alliance was founded in 1992 by the state’s leading river and watershed groups in recognition of their need for consistent, reliable collaboration, networking, and unity in public policy development and public education. Watch this video about our history and our work.

We are led by a small, dedicated staff and a thirteen-member Board of Directors with representatives from environmental organizations, business, and the law. Our members are individuals, organizations, and businesses concerned with the health and protection of Connecticut’s rivers and watersheds.

Rivers Alliance of Connecticut is a membership-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing Connecticut’s rivers, streams, and watersheds.

With this goal always in mind, we:

  • Promote sound, science-based environmental policies.
    We encourage supportive state laws, regulations, and programs regarding water allocation, watershed planning, and river protection.
  • Work collaboratively and in coalitions to get results.
    We coordinate the efforts of the state’s many river and watershed groups.
  • Encourage and aid local groups and persons working on water protection.
    We support them and provide resources to help them achieve their conservation goals.
  • Educate the public to help them understand, value, and defend our water resources.
    We provide speakers, hold conferences, and create informational materials on the importance of waterway preservation and restoration.